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About Marcy

I’ve lived and worked in Eugene/Springfield since 1980, having many creative jobs such as graphic designer, art director for a professional photographer, faux finisher and muralist. All of these things have brought me to where I am today.

Color and balance have always been a part of my work, especially now. Along with my Color & Redesign business, I work as a colorist at Tommy’s Paint Pot three days a week.

Colors can evoke moods, change the balance in a room and influence what you look at and what you ignore. The simultaneous contrast between the juxtaposition of colors (wow!) is what it’s all about.

Choosing colors can be part of the total redesign, but doesn’t have to be. Rearranging furniture to create a more pleasing, usable space; rehanging artwork to help showcase it or to simply be at the proper height; removing objects that you’ve had in the same place for so long you don’t even look at them anymore. Often times, items can be replaced with things from another room, no shopping necessary. Reorganizing bookcases can bring ignored objects up to showcase level. Removing items can breath new life into a space.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, having a subjective eye can be very helpful in the goal of separating yourself from the house. Remember your goal is to have this space appeal to a buyer. We can do a walk-through and I can make suggestions, leaving you to do which ever you’d like or I can make suggestions and do the work while you have a spa day!